Courses and Training

I offer workshops and training for testers, anyone that works with testers and anyone that wants to be better at testing.

Ben & Ilari’s Spectacular Testing Circus

(With Ilari Henrik Aegerter)

Roll up for Ben & Ilari’s spectacular testing circus! Our gates are open for both testers and developers alike. The lion tamers and the clowns welcome a healthy mix of both for the show. Take your seats. We’ll dim the lights. The stage will soon be set for spectacles and wonders. Enjoy the show!


This one-day interactive workshop sheds light on some of the most important fundamentals in software testing. Each section has a short introduction followed by a practical exercise or a game. Participation is not compulsory, but strongly encouraged. We will work our way through:

  • testing missions,

  • checking & testing,

  • safety language,

  • modeling,

  • focusing/defocusing and

  • the generation of test ideas

There will be puzzles and laughter and a distinct absence of powerpoint slides, so come along. Be entertained (you may even learn something useful).

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Dimensions of Testability

(With Maria Kedemo)

Testability is integral to almost everything we testers do. It’s on of those things that seems intuitive and easy to understands until you really stop to think about it.
We’ll crack open the world of testability, uncover its different dimensions and its relationships.

Participants will build a rich model of testability and use it to question themselves, their environment and of course a test product. We’ll look at using this model to build testability heuristics, identify lack of testability and to adapt their testing to suit.

After the workshop participants will be able to:
• Identify testability issues
• Have a rich model to help address testability problems
• Have an understanding of dimensions of testability and their relationships

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Speaking the Language of Your Audience

(with Iain McCowatt)

This experiential workshop will help you to decipher who your stakeholders are, how they see the world, and to frame your communication in a way that matters.

Attendees will participate in a simulated project in which they will be challenged to communicate effectively: with both senior stakeholders and one another. Through this exercise, they will learn critical communication strategies, and experience more than a few surprises…
If communicating with your team is something you could do better, Iain and Ben ARE the droids you are looking for.

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