Testing Toolkit

I think it is good practise for any tester to carry a thumb drive with their favorite testing tools wherever they go.

Here are some things that are on mine:
(Some are web-based tools, so may not be available if you’re working in a draconian conservative sweatshop)

General Testing Tools:

Recording and Graphics Manipulation

  • SnagIt (the only testing tool I’ve actually shelled out cash for) MWSnap is a miser’s alternative
  • paint.NET (cool freeware image modification tool for Windows)
  • CamStudio
  • Jing

Web Testing Tools

  • Firefox + extensions
    • Live HTTP Headers
    • Firebug
    • Perapera kun (with Japanese libraries) – actually I tell a lie re spending money. I donated cash to this also.
    • Selenium IDE
    • Firefox Throttle
    • YSlow
  • TamperIE
  • Fiddler

Modelling / Mind Mapping

  • FreeMind
  • XMind

Bug Tracking

  • Instant Mantis

Miscellaneous Utilities

  • TeraTerm
  • CutePDF

Customer Support

I also make sure to keep an eye on QuickTestingTips.com