Donating book proceeds to save Linnea

You may have heard that Kristoffer Nordstrom’s daughter Linnea is bravely battling DIPG, a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. With my own little one recently arrived, Linnea’s plight hits very close to home. I feel compelled to do what I can to help.

To that end, I am donating all proceeds from my book Standout from now until the end of December to #SaveLinnea. 100% of what I make from sales will go to Linnea and I’ll match purchases with my own donation up to £500. Even if you’re not job hunting, there’s useful info in the book to make yourself more employable and you can support a very worthwhile cause at the same time. Buy it here.

If you already have the book, you can donate directly.

Thank you to everyone who participated. You helped raise some much needed funds for a very good cause. Proceeds from book sales came to £250 (after conversion from USD and rounding up). I promised I’d match contributions up to £500, but I decided in the end to contribute the full £500 for a total contribution of £750

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