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And Now My Watch Is Ended

After four highly eventful years, it is time for me to bid eBay farewell.

So much has happened during this time that it would be impossible to capture it all, but the very short version is that these have been some of the most formative years of my professional career. Moving from Tokyo to London was a difficult choice. It’s not easy to move your entire life halfway across the world, particularly since this is the second time I’d done it. This time, my wife and I were moving to a place where neither of us had any sort of established support network.

Nonetheless, I felt very much amongst friends. I came to work at eBay with Ilari Henrik Aegerter who I’d known for a few years through conferences like CAST and Let’s Test. The rest of the testing crew in eBay’s European Product Development department were similarly top notch. Something I’m proud to say still stands.

eBay has been good to me and the decision to move on was one that took a great deal of careful consideration. The people in EPD are some of the most highly skilled folks I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside, which made the decision that much more difficult. There are things I want to spend time on now though, that makes moving on the right thing to do for me. The recent birth of my daughter has reinforced this for me. I want to be able to choose when to spend time with my family (or at least have the illusion of choice 🙂 ) and whilst I could stay at eBay and have a long and successful career, I feel a call to try and do more than change a single company. I plan to write more about this and my eBay experiences once I’ve had some time to pause and reflect.

So what’s next?

After a very short break, I’m joining another bunch of all-star testers as I become the Managing Director of House of Test UK.

6 thoughts on “And Now My Watch Is Ended

  1. And the world of software testing becomes just a little bit more interesting, in uncertain ways. Experiment safely, and uncover those weak signals that otherwise elude us.

    Cheers my friend

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