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Upcoming Book – A Career Guide for Software Testers

Standout – A career guide to gainful employment as a skilled software tester

A little while back I started collating my notes for a workshop I have on interviewing for jobs and writing/reviewing CVs. Some time in the next couple of days, I looked up from my keyboard and realised I’d written over fifty pages. It is apparently a topic I have a lot to say about. I’ve been interviewing throughout most of my career as a tester and quite intensely in the last eighteen months. Based on my own experiences, I think there is a need to help guide job seekers on how to distinguish themselves on paper and in person. In addition, it seems I’m not alone in thinking that testing is moving inexorably towards quality advocacy and facilitation. Being able to speak coherently about the value that software testers add to a team is going to be an increasingly important skill.

I have decided to create a book in the hope that it will be useful to software testers and other software development professionals who are seeking gainful employment and want to add some structure to their career planning. If this is something that you’d find helpful, or if you know someone that would, I’d really appreciate it if you’d take a moment to let me know.

If there is something specific you’d like to see covered in a book like this, please feel free to leave me a comment.


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