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eBay rejects ISO29119 and standardisation of software testing

At the 2015 Let’s Test conference in Stockholm, I took the stage at the opening of the conference to make a short, but significant statement. As a representative of eBay, I announced that we will not adopt ISO29119 and reject the notion that software testing can be standardised.

The announcement seems to have been warmly received. As I stated on stage, this statement stands to show organisations they have options. Just because someone claims something to be ‘a standard’, it does not follow that it is useful (or worse, not harmful) or that any notice should be taken of it. There are many existing criticisms of ISO29119 and I’ll not rehash them here. Suffice it to say that this should give pause to anyone who might have thought that this standard was in their interests.

3 thoughts on “eBay rejects ISO29119 and standardisation of software testing

  1. This is a welcome and significant development. It’s hardly unusual or surprising for a company to decide that ISO 29119 is worthless. It’s very unusual for one to come out and announce its decision. Normally if employees are allowed to speak out it is clear that they are expressing a personal opinion. It’s great news when a company that everyone has heard of comes out and says ISO 29119 is useless and they’re having nothing to do with it. Let’s hope they’re not the last.

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