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The Software Tester’s Dictionary

For those of you who weren’t at CAST2010 and maybe aren’t so acquainted with some of the things the Association for Software Testers is up to, you might be interested to learn that Cem Kaner is heading up a special interest group to create a dictionary of terms relevant to software testing.

For those people who are passionate about their testing terminology, why not give them a hand?

I would love to see this proliferated far and wide. I’d much prefer a wealth of definitions to choose from and a place to point people than a cult of money grubbers peddling their one true way.

I haven’t seen the dictionary get much airplay yet and granted it’s in its early stages, but my google-fu failed me the other day when I did an idle search and then I stumbled across it here. I figured I’d do my bit and get the word out. If you don’t have time to volunteer, pass the link on to someone that might.

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