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Lessons Learned in Translation 2

Here’s my latest foray into re-translation. Actually, this seems to be a pretty good translation of the original text. I suspect what I need to do is find some of the more difficult passages and see what I can find around those. I’ve been looking at the shorter entries to this point because hey – they’re short and my kanji reading is still really slow.

I’ll look to get something a little meatier in my next post on the topic.

Lesson 35

After all, test results are only an impression of the product

With respect to quality, what you know about the entire product is just conjecture.

However much support is available, you cannot simply declare it correct.

Because of this, when reporting the condition of quality, you should add to the report qualifications such as the kind of testing that was done and any limits to the test process.

Original text:

In the end, all you have is an impression of the product.

Whatever you know about the quality of the product, it’s conjecture. No matter how well supported, you can’t be sure you’re right. Therefore any time you report the status of the product quality, you should qualify that report with information about how you tested and the known limitations of your test process.

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