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Learning Japanese? Web testing in Japanese? These might help

For those of you (us) whose Japanese reading skills aren’t comprehensive, you might find some valuable assistance with a firefox plugin called pera-pera kun. It is an extension of the also excellent rikai-chan.

It allows you to hover over Japanese words and phrase fragments and get a popup with dictionary / grammatical meanings. I couldn’t do without it.

You can find the plug-in here
and the required Japanese dictionary here

I believe there is also a Chinese dictionary out there, don’t think they do hangul (sorry Jared 🙂  )

For those that are studying Japanese (or anything where flashcards are useful, really), check out Anki.
I am creating my own study deck, but if you want to dive right in, there are a bunch of pre-made decks available and plugins if you like that sort of thing.

I wish I’d found both of these years ago. Seriously. Hopefully they’re handy for some of you.

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