aaaand we’re back – sort of

Things have been (and remain) a little crazy right now. A slight misunderstanding with my site host has added some further unrequested fun (they misunderstood how to bill my credit card apparently, despite having done so before – and shut down my site).

I’m in the middle of a move to another country, so unfortunately blogging is not at the top of my list right now – which is unfortunate because winding up at my current place of employment has left me with rather a lot to say.

The actual move is a month away, and then there’s the whole settling into the new job thing, not to mention everything else that goes with packing up and then unpacking your life several thousand miles away. In all likelihood it’ll probably be another 6 weeks before I am in a position to put more words here. At some point a 10 hour flight will be involved, so that may provide some opportunity – that reminds me – note to self – buy noise-cancelling headphones.

Anyway, that’s me for now.

2 thoughts on “aaaand we’re back – sort of

  1. Hey Ben,
    Also want to wish you well with the move. Am dying to hear about all the things you are uncovering and discovering as you wrap up your current job… am in a similar position myself… anyway, let us know when you are there safely.

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