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Matt Heusser on Technical Debt

I have been reading Matt’s blog for a while now. Since October last year, Matt has been periodically expanding and evolving his thinking about ‘technical debt’ – the small, seemingly inconsequential short-cuts and hacks that we tend to implement or let slide in order to hit deadlines or save us doing more work (at least in the short term). Like most bad habits (such as the gradual accrual of fiscal debt, say, on a credit card), these things tend to lead to large amounts of pain down the track.

Rather than regurgitate what Matt has been saying, let me point you at his work. I think it is worthy of consideration for anyone who has had to interact with another human being in a professional capacity, ever.

If you’ve skipped to this bit of text because you’re not up for six essays on an unfamiliar concept, let me recommend that you at least read #6 before checking out details on Matt’s upcoming Technical Debt Workshop.

If you’re in the vicinity and have something you can contribute, then why not do it? If you’re not, then keep an eye on Matt’s blog. I’ve no doubt there will be some very interesting outcomes from the workshop.

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