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It’s not the writers.

Another non-software testing / non kendo post, but for what it is worth, I want to lend my support to some people that deserve it.

If you watch t.v. or see movies, you probably know there’s a strike on at the moment. I have a few friends who are participating. Your favourite television series might be delayed a good while because of it, but if you’re blaming those overpaid, lazy writers, then your ire is misdirected. What these people are asking for is not unreasonable (more detail here).

The AMTPT would have you believe that they’re the ones being hard done by; that because writers are paid for paid downloads and online pay-per-view, that not paying them for streaming video online is not ripping them off. They’d have you believe that the average working writer is taking home over $200K a year, based on some sums they did on numbers from the WGAw.

This ain’t necessarily so. I am led to understand that this is a more representative explanation of how screenwriters are paid. It looks to me like the AMPTP is massaging the facts in order to put a very particular spin on events. I’ll admit, my viewpoint is not unbiased. I want my friends to be better off.

I’m tempted to draw parallels between this and the recording industry where artists are beginning to break away from the draconian Establishment and distribute on their own terms. Unfortunately for the screenwriters their relationship with the prod co’s is a symbiotic one, as there are many more moving parts involved in putting a movie together. The AMPTP seems a little hazy on the difference between symbiotic and parasitic.

I do hope for their sake, but more particularly that of the people on the picket line that they work it out soon.

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