Let me help you find highly skilled software testers.

Looking for good testers is a difficult task. With so many people calling themselves testers yet lacking competence, how do you find someone with the skills that you need?

A testing certification is no guarantee of testing competence. There are excellent testers who are not certified and likewise there are incompetent testers who hold them. If you truly care about finding good people to test your software, you need to dig deeper than that.

I have been interviewing and hiring testers for a decade. I pride myself on matching skills and personality of testers with the needs of the businesses I work for. I invite you to let me assist you in your search for the right testers for you.

Services that I offer:

  • Interview you and your team to determine your testing needs
  • Review and amend your job advertisement copy
  • Consult with your recruiter of choice to assist with selection of candidates
  • Review submitted resumes for suitable interviewees
  • Create an interview test suitable for screening testers
  • Provide a list of interview questions

Depending on availability I can also assist with candidate interviews

Contact me at for further details.