On skills and roles in software development – automation

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A recent blog post from Alan Page prompted an interesting subsequent twitter conversation In Alan’s blog, he writes: Automation works wonderfully for short confirmatory or validation tests. Unit, functional, acceptance, integration tests, and all other “short” tests lend themselves very well to automation. But I think it’s wasteful and inefficient to have testers write this […]

Cynefin and Software Testing – Chaos

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If you are in the domain of Chaos, then action and consequence appear to be completely disassociated. If there were rules that were working for you, they’re useless to you now (and more likely detrimental if you’re still clinging to them). There are those that thrive in chaos. Often, they are dictators and despots as this […]

And Now My Watch Is Ended

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After four highly eventful years, it is time for me to bid eBay farewell. So much has happened during this time that it would be impossible to capture it all, but the very short version is that these have been some of the most formative years of my professional career. Moving from Tokyo to London […]