Test is a four letter word

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When you hear the word ‘test’, what does that mean to you? (If you just said ‘it depends’, congratulations, you’ve earned your ‘consultant’s answer to everything’ badge). When folks who aren’t career software testers use the word ‘test’, it frequently comes with a raft of associations that are decidedly different to what many software testers […]

You probably need fewer testers than you think

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I have noticed that companies have a tendency to conflate software quality problems with software testing problems. This sometimes leads to a knee-jerk reaction to conclude ‘we need more testers’ or ‘we need better automation’.  The net result is hiring more software testers than you actually need. Software quality suffers for all sorts of reasons. […]

plus1 for testers in dev

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Trish Khoo wrote an excellent blog post on being a tester in an a programming team. More specifically, a team that values testing and incorporates it into everything they do. I found myself nodding along with Trish’s post and identifying very strongly with her experiences. I fear whatever I write in addition to her post […]